May 2022 - Edvo Product Update!

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Created by our Community

Hey there,

Thank you for waiting for months as we build into the vision of what got you excited about Edvo. 💜

When the world turned upside down and we saw everyone struggle to make sense of it, we remembered that the most important thing we could do for our livelihoods is learn how to think well.

How do we think well in a world that’s constantly changing and where information is overwhelming?

How do we help each other get better when the sum of human knowledge is so scattered and trapped within silos?

How might we able to connect it all and replace the anxiety from information overload with the excitement of exploration and understanding?

We think we’ve brought to life the tools to interconnect and collaborate across all information, no matter where it lives, and easily uncover good insights.

Check out the latest demo!


0:02: Connect All Your Info in One Place

0:26: Personal Knowledge Graph Database

0:48: Portals


1:25: Real-Time Collaboration

2:41: Side-by-Side Note-Taking

2:45: Drag and Drop


3:16: Easy Context Switching

4:00: Context Retrieval

4:34: Creating without leaving Edvo

5:42: Creating a New Collaborative Space

I'm so fueled by using Edvo daily, and if you feel it could be valuable for you too, you can grab access here.

🎉  Benefits:

Your Contextual Interface for the Web – Instead of toggling between browser tabs and switching between applications, bring in and work across all related information, from webpages to PDFs to images to web applications, in context and without the need for integrations.

Real-time Collaboration – Easily co-create with more context, clarity, and efficiency.

Mini Maps – Let your creativity wild and work across as much as you want in any space–mini maps will help you easily find it all and maintain spatial awareness.

Portals – Work across, or portal into, related contexts without needing to switch windows, tabs, or screens.

Backpack – Easily carry and access all of your favorites–from your most valuable notes to your most used applications–across your personal web!

Sticky Notes – Colorful ones! And resizable ones! That you can find and interconnect easily.

Drag and Drop – Drag and drop anything, from your resources to notes to images to entire contextual spaces.

Your Personal Graph Database – Your data is powerful, and you should be able to leverage it. Edvo’s data model ensures your data can interconnect flexibly to surface new possibilities, while being both collaborative and end-to-end encrypted.

🔜  In Progress:

  • Native Application
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • User-Specific Sharing
  • Templates
  • Improved Search

Grab access here!