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There is so much information at our fingertips. And we genuinely care about learning from it.

We juggle our time between podcasts, YouTube videos, Clubhouse rooms, Twitter threads, and Substack newsletters, while still feeling like we don’t know enough...

But we remain persistent. Why?

Access to information empowers us. We know it can lead to financial gain, career growth, and unlimited opportunities. We recognize that:

Our quality of life is heavily influenced by how well we learn and understand the world around us.

So we asked ourselves: How can we make better sense of the world and help others do the same?

Edvo is a manifestation of our commitment to answering this question.

Here are three things we’re sure of:

1. We need to take control of our Sensemaking process

Somewhere along the way, we allowed ourselves to be told what’s worth paying attention to and what to think about the world around us. We've neglected our natural capacity to sense-make independently. And consequently, we've made poor sense of things.

We no longer live in a world where we can depend on others to make sense of the world for us. 2020 showed us how fast the world can change overnight. We witnessed firsthand how quickly information evolves and how critical it is for each of us to be able to make sense of those changes effectively.

In today’s information economy, we can find information on anything we care to understand. By taking ownership of our sensemaking process, we can build the skills and knowledge to navigate life better and with greater self-confidence.

2. We need our environments to empower conscious thinking

More information than ever before is available for us to learn from! Yet the environments in which we consume information are not built for real learning.

Learning happens when we critically think through the information in front of us and make sense of it well enough to apply it. This process includes questioning, exploring different perspectives, thinking through our existing knowledge, and developing our own perspectives.

But in the current environment, it's much easier to passively consume.

That's why it's critical to elevate our current environments to enable critical thought and genuine learning.

3. We need to learn how to think for ourselves

Navigating the world better depends on our self-confidence in being able to do so. And when we trust our ability to think through anything, we exhibit higher levels of self-agency and confidence.

That’s why our first step at Edvo is to create Personal Learning, the first personal learning management system to help us learn anything we desire and think for ourselves.

Personal Learning will integrate within the environments where we consume information. It'll ensure we spend more time learning and less time passively consuming.

Any time we use Personal Learning, we want each of us to feel confident in our abilities to understand any topic well, and inspired to lean into our innate curiosity.

Needless to say, we care deeply about helping each of us make better sense of the world so that we can live better lives. The better we live individually, the better we live collectively. If you've made it this far, chances are you resonate with our work and we hope to meet you! We’ve just finished our first beta and are gearing up for our second beta in April. We'd love for you to join!

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