Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy governs the manner in which Edvo Inc. (the “Company”) collects, uses, maintains and discloses information collected from its customers (each, a “Customer”) and how the Company expects the Customers will tread information provided to them by the Company.

This Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) should be read together with the Services Agreement, entered into between the Company and the Customer (the “Services Agreement”), and it comprises part of the Agreement. Capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them under the Services Agreement. The general provisions of the Services Agreement govern this Privacy Policy, including the warranty disclaimers, the limitation of liability and the miscellaneous provisions of the Services Agreement.


The Customer agrees that the Company has the right to update this Privacy Policy at any time, in its sole discretion, to comply with any laws or otherwise as the Company deems fit. It is the Customer’s responsibility to review this Privacy Policy periodically and become aware of modifications. However, the Company will endeavor to inform the Customer via email of any such change.


By using the Services, the Customer signify the acceptance by the Customer to this Privacy Policy or any amendments or supplements thereof. If the Customer do not agree to this Privacy Policy, it should not use the Services and the Customer is required to provide the Company written advance notice regarding such disagreement within 2 business days as of the date the amendment has been made or the supplement has been installed. Such disagreement shall not, for removal of doubt, release the Customer from its obligations under the remaining instruments composing the Services Agreement. The Customer continued use of the Services following the posting of changes to this Privacy Policy will be deemed the Customer acceptance of those changes.


Transmission of Personally Identifiable Data. The Customer understands that the Data transmitted to the System via the API shall include personally identifiable information of Candidates.

How the Customer may use Data. The provisions of this Section are subject to any applicable and more restrictive law that applies to the Customer. Subject to the foregoing, Data may be used by the Customer for the sole purpose of determining whether to engage the Candidate whose details are set forth therein, in connection with the Open Position to which such Candidate has applied.

Restrictions and Undertakings Regarding the Data. The Customer shall not, under any circumstances: (i) sell, resell, license, sublicense, distribute, make available, rent or lease the Data, or otherwise make the Data available for any third party or allow any third party to access or benefit from the Data; and/or (ii) without derogating from the foregoing, assign or transfer the Data (with or without consideration), even in the framework of any merger, acquisition, recapitalization, change of corporate structure of the Customer or any other similar event.

Customer shall exercise reasonable means to control and secure the Data, consistent with industry standards.

The Customer shall insure that: (i) each person who has access to the Data has signed applicable non-disclosure and non-use obligations with respect to or that covers the Data, and has been advised of the provisions of this Privacy Policy, and (ii) that the Data shall not be used by any person for any purpose other than to consider applicable Candidates to an Open Position.

In the event the Customer shall receive a request from the Company to delete any specific Data that was transmitted to or received by the Customer, whether through the API or otherwise, during the Term or at any time thereafter, the Customer shall delete such Data from its record, and confirm to the Company in writing that such Data was deleted, not later than 2 business days after such request was made. The Customer will also delete any Data when the Open Position with respect to which such Data was obtained was occupied or earlier, if the Customer deems it has no need of such Data and/or otherwise pursuant to the requirements of any applicable law that applies to the Customer.

Transmission of Data. Data exchange between the Services and the System happens over a SSL secured communication channel.

Responsibility. Customer shall be responsible for any Data leak or breach of this Privacy Policy, as a result of any act or omission by any System operator, its employees, service providers and/or any third party acting on its behalf. It is the Customer’s responsibility to insure the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the System are in compliance with this Privacy Policy and that the System operators or owners will not receive any rights with respect to the Data, other than a revocable right to store and Data solely for the Customer and for its exclusive use.

Compliance with Privacy Laws and Regulations. Customer represents and warrants that its use of the Services and the products of the Services (including any Candidate Report) be made in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Customer is responsible for determining whether the Services are suitable for its needs in light of any regulations like Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 as amended (“HIPAA”), the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (“GLB”), EU Data Privacy Laws, or other similar laws and regulations. If Customer is subject to regulations (like HIPAA) and it resolves to use the Services, the Company will not be liable if the Services does not meet those requirements. Customer may not use the Services for any unlawful or discriminatory activities, including acts prohibited by the Federal Trade Commission Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Equal Credit Opportunity Act, the California Civil Code (including Section 1786.22) or other laws that apply. The Customer agrees not to use the Services in a manner that would violate laws protecting an individual’s privacy rights, health, safety or financial data, including but not limited to the HIPAA, GLB and its implementing regulations, the Privacy Rule and the Safeguards Rule thereof.


Collection of Personally Identifiable Information. The Company may collect personally identifiable information from the Customer and users of the Services in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, when the Customer visit the Company’s website, register on the Services, and in connection with other activities, services, features or resources made available via the Services. The Customer may be asked to provide the names, email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, credit card information, of the Customer and members of its teams that operate or will be involved in the Services, etc. Personally identifiable information is collected when Customer register to the Services and when it interacts with the Company or the Services. The Customer or anyone acting on its behalf is not obligated to provide such personally identifiable information, but failure or refusal to do so may cause the Services to be ineffective, and the Services may not operate or may not be rendered appropriately.

Collection of Non-Personally Identifiable Information. The Company may collect non-personally identifiable information about the Customer and users of the Services, whenever the Customer, the Customer’s users and/or the System interacts with the Services. Non-personally identifiable information may include the Customer’s browser name, type of System, the type of computer and technical information about the Customer’s means of connection to the Services, such as the operating system and the Internet service provider utilized and other similar information.

Use of Information. The Company collects and uses the above described information, for the following purposes: (i) to improve its customer service: information the Customer provides helps the Company respond to the Customer’s service requests and support needs more efficiently; (ii) to personalize user experience: the Company may use information in the aggregate to understand how the Customer use the Services and Data; (iii) to improve the Services: the Company may use feedback provided together with identifiable information the Customer provides to improve the Services; (iv) to process payments; (v) to promote the Services (including by distributing materials to the Company’s mailing lists) and to run surveys regarding the Services or any competing services; (vi) to send periodic or maintenance or support related emails and messages; (vii) to respond to any Customer inquiries; and/or (viii) to secure the Services.

If the Customer desires to be removed or to unsubscribe from any mailing list, the Customer may email to: or it may use the unsubscribe instructions at the bottom of each email the Company circulates.

Retention of Identifiable Information. Subject to any applicable law, all personally identifiable information is retained by the Company following the expiration of the Term or the termination of the Services Agreement. Subject to any information retention duty that the Company may have (for example – the duty to retain invoices or other materials containing identifiable information), if the Customer would like its personally identifiable information to be removed from the Company’s infrastructure and equipment, the Customer may email such request to:

How the Company Protects the Customer’s Information. The Company adopts appropriate data collection, storage and processing practices and security measures to protect against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of the Customer personal information stored on the Company’s infrastructure and equipment.

How the Company is Sharing the Customer Information

The Company may disclose the Customer’s information (including the Customer personally identifiable information) to a third party if: (i) the Company believes that disclosure is reasonably necessary to comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request; (ii) to enforce the Services Agreement or any Policy; (iii) to protect the security or integrity of the Company’s products and services; (iv) to protect the Company’s customers or the public from harm or illegal activities; (v) to respond to an emergency which the Company believes in the good faith requires the Company to disclose information to assist in preventing the death or serious bodily injury of any person; (vi) in connection with, or during negotiations of, any merger, sale of the Company assets, financing, or acquisition of all or a portion of the Company’s business to another company; and/or (vii) to third-party service providers helping the Company operate and/or provide the Services; (viii) with third parties, when the Company publishes any Open Position with any recruitment and business partners.

It is being clarified that nothing in this Privacy Policy is intended to limit any legal defenses or objections that the Customer may have towards any third party, including a government’s, request to disclose the Customer information. The Company also reserves the right to disclose personally identifiable information and/or non-personally-identifiable information that the Company believes, in good faith, is appropriate or necessary to enforce the Services Agreement, take precautions against liability, to investigate and defend itself against any third-party claims or allegations, to assist government enforcement agencies, to protect the security or integrity of the Services, and to protect the rights, property, or personal safety of the Company, the other Customers or the any third party, including third parties whose information is being provided to the Customer by the Company.


The Company primarily stores information about its customers in the United States of America. If the Customer is from the European Union or other regions with laws governing data collection and use, the Customer should note that the Customer agrees to the transfer of the Customer personally identifiable information to the United States of America. This Privacy Policy shall apply even if the Company transfers personally identifiable information of the Customer to other countries.


If the Customer has any questions about this Privacy Policy, it may contact us at:

Survival. The provisions of this Privacy Policy shall survive the expiration of the Term or the termination of the Services Agreement, for any reason.