Take learning into your hands.

Personal Learning by Edvo is the first learning management system designed for you.
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Somewhere along the way, we started being told what we should learn, what's worth paying attention to, and what we're capable of understanding. These lessons have limited our thinking, our understanding of the world, and our sense of self.
Let's change that.
With Edvo, you become your best teacher. You decide what's worth learning. You control how you think. You determine what you're capable of.

Meet Personal Learning by Edvo, your personal learning management system.

Here's how it works

It starts with a quest.

Every time you want to learn something, just start a quest and begin exploring!

Dive into articles, videos, newsletters, and anything else related to your quest! Quickly save resources with the Personal Learning Chrome Extension and access them all in one place.

And gives you the tools to power your own learning.

As you dive in, use the highlighter to annotate, question, and think for yourself, directly in your web browser.

Become your best teacher.

Use Guided Learning to dig deeper, check for understanding, and actually retain what you learn.

Your learning in one place.

Re-visit your quests anytime on the Personal Learning web app to explore your thinking, develop well-informed perspectives, and uncover your best self.

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Personal Learning by Edvo is intentionally built for you to learn everything you desire and think for yourself.

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