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We partner with employers, help you become their ideal hire, and connect you directly to them.

Get Informed

Employers will be evaluating you, so we talk to them first. We ask them to describe their ideal candidate for roles you want. This allows us to give you the most relevant information - sourced directly from people who will be hiring you.

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Calculate your Skill Score

Let’s figure out how close you are to being the ideal hire. We will match your skills to the company’s needs and give you a Skill Score. Now you’ll know exactly what jobs you qualify for, and how to improve your Skill Score.

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Utilize Education That Works

You may know what skills you need, but it can be tough to find the right courses to learn those skills. We don’t want you to waste time or money, so we evaluate thousands of online courses to find the best ones for you. Use our curated education list to improve your Skill Score and get qualified.


Meet the Hiring Manager

Once your Skill Score reaches 100, we will introduce you to the hiring manager. And when you’re hired, we’ll celebrate you with a signing bonus!